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Merchant Account

FX with spot pricing and instant settlement.
Get access to SEPA, SWIFT and local payment networks for truly multi-currency banking. Perfect for scaling businesses, our multi-currency accounts are the catalyst to grow your reach globally. Pay suppliers like a local and receive payments from anywhere.

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How to get started

The bank account that provides flexible access with more ways to bank

1. Fill the form
2. Get pre-qualified
3. Verify your ID
4. Enjoy our banking
Merchant Accounts Features & benefits

Create current accounts for all your needs

Start taking payments on your website with a uniquely bundled package that includes both a merchant and business account. With Intergiro, you soon benefit from same-day settlements — unlike most other providers that can take days to pay out funds.

  • Free banking for merchants to reduce costs *
  • Receive funds the same day *
  • Quick access to working capital
  • Spend earnings instantly with your debit card
  • Unified platform to manage both merchant and business account

Plus peace of mind that your money is safe and secure, with our 100% Security Guarantee.


Earn while you spend

Spend smart and earn more by getting cashback on every purchase with your  debit card.

  • Boost your advertising ROI
  • Turn operational costs into rewards
  • Elevate your financial efficiency

preferred rewards

Here's what you'll get with each account

Get a EUR IBAN and enjoy quick access to working capital.

Rapidly onboard your business and get access to our market leading customer support team.

Quickly and easily spend your earnings with a physical or virtual card.

Lock a missing card quickly and easily to prevent unauthorized use. Cards can be added to a digital wallet for use at stores, cardless ATMs and more.

Enable your customers to pay in their local currency, increasing checkout conversion rates.

Ensure the relevant information is displayed to your customers on their bank statements to reduce support enquiries and chargebacks.

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