Direct Integration

With direct integration, your merchant’s website (complete with secure certificate) captures the user’s personal and credit card details and then forwards these behind the scenes to the secure Woohoo Pay gateway. Woohoo Pay then performs any necessary fraud and security checks, clears the payment with the acquiring bank and sends a response back to your merchant’s website, which then delivers a formatted response back to the customer.

Direct integration is more complex than the hosted forms method, but it does mean that the entire shopping process can occur within your merchants’ websites, providing a seamless experience for their customers.

For standard Visa and MasterCard Testing use merchant ID 100001, or for 3D Secure Testing use 100856.

As a white label payment gateway Partner, the direct integration is fully branded as your own; sits on your URL with your logo and branding; and provides your merchants with your own test credentials.

Hosted Integration

The hosted integration method makes it easy to add secure payment processing to your e-commerce business, using our hosted payment pages (HPP). You can use this method if you do not want to collect and store cardholder data.

The hosted integration method works by redirecting the customer to our gateway’s hosted payment page, which will collect the customer’s payment details and process the payment before redirecting the customer back to a page on your website, letting you know the payment outcome. This allows you the quickest path to integrating with the gateway.

The standard hosted payment page is designed to be shown in a lightbox over your website and styled with logos and colours to match. Alternatively, you can arrange for fully customised hosted payment pages to be produced that can match your website’s style and layout. These fully customised pages are usually provided using a browser redirect, displaying full-page in the browser, or can be displayed embedded in an iframe on your website.

For greater control over the customisation of the payment page, our gateway offers the use of hosted payment fields, where only the individual input fields collecting the sensitive cardholder data are hosted by the gateway while the remainder of the payment form is provided by your website. These hosted payment fields fit seamlessly into your payment page and can be styled to match your payment fields. When your payment form is submitted to your server, the gateway will submit a payment token representing the sensitive card data it collected and your webserver can then use the direct integration to process the payment without ever being in contact with the collected cardholder data.