One platform for all your services

Managing devices can be complex and costly, With MAXSTORE you can simplify your device management and allow estate managers to configure, operate and maintain estates securely and efficiently.

A Unified Platform

We support devices from multiple vendors. Through a standard interface you can manage and operate a diverse estate effectively.

Industry Solutions

From enabling your merchants to source and deploy their own application solutions, to deploying promotional messaging directly to your terminals, MAXSTORE has the answers.

Diverse Services

MAXSTORE provides varied added value services to meet different needs as part of a continuously evolving service ecology.

Device Owner/Estate Manager

Zero-touch Deployment Device Updating and Monitoring Remote Help-Desk & Messaging Marketplace Branding


Access a wealth of brilliant apps and new services segmented by customer category or retail sector.

Service Provider

Gain access to hundreds of thousands of merchants and some of the top reseller organisations worldwide through our promotion and distribution channels.

Manage everything on the device

Simplify device management and ensure effortless device security. Beyond software loading and parameter management, estate managers benefit from a comprehensive range of remote support, troubleshooting and diagnostic services.

Effortless application delivery

An App Store Marketplace enables the secure distribution and management of software apps. It provides a sales channel for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to market their applications and a shop window for users to select apps they are interested in.

Get quick and deep insight into your device
Cellular use exceeding expectations? Devices out of geo-fence? Data analytics and business intelligence give you comprehensive and insightful summary information about your devices.
By your side, solving your problems
Provide instant support to remote employees and customers as if you were with them. Use remote assistance on devices located anywhere in world to resolve technical problems, device or software errors or network problems.
User-Friendly User Experience
Sleek and seamless user experience and accessible design standards.
Cost-effective Solutions
Effortless asset management and intelligent equipment maintenance.
Enriched Services
Customized industry applications, powerful development platform.
Authoritative Security Certification
Advanced platform architecture and secure data protection (PCI DSS certified)