Industry Sectors

Payments are now evolving at a rapid pace with new providers, new platforms, and new payment tools launching on a near-daily basis.

As consumer behavior evolves, an expectation of omnicommerce emerges – that is the ability to pay with the same method whether buying in-store, online, or via a mobile device. This shift precipitates a need for retailers to adapt toward fast, simple, and secure mobile payments.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain 

Blockchain has the potential to completely change the financial transaction processing cost model amongst its various applications. It also enables all processing to be done over a distributed system network or in the cloud, avoiding the usage of costly data centers or mainframes.

Expansion of Payments to Non-Physical Interfaces 

Traditional interfaces are challenged by external stakeholders (Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple) in two ways – voice assistants and VR. Connected assistants become smarter and add functionality with the enhancement of NLP and image recognition. Betting on physical interfaces, and mobile, in particular, can no longer ensure long-term relevance as voice-first solutions evolve. With Facebook obsessed with killing the smartphone to own virtual spaces, classic interfaces and solutions developed for them will gradually fall out of grace.

Real-Time Payments

RTP represents a new phase of evolution within the payments industry, with several key features that differentiate them from current payment methods, specifically speed, value-added messaging capabilities, and immediate availability of transaction status. RTP will provide FIs with the functionality/features to innovate and meet customer demand.

Sectors We Serve

Retail Sector

Whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational chain, you’ve got the goods. To keep those tills ringing, let your customers pay, their way – whether it’s online, in-app, by phone or in-store.


Event venues are fast paced, challenging places to serve food, so you’ll need a payment process that works perfectly with your surroundings.


Create the payment experience you want for your customers on the ground or in the air, anywhere in the world.


From fast food to fine dining, whether you’re serving à la carte, over the counter or from your food truck, our tailored payments solutions are a perfect pairing for your restaurant.


From check-in to check-out and everything in between: explore industry-leading payment solutions for the hospitality industry.


Offer clear and convenient online payment options, a cashless campus and secure payment processes from anywhere, and at any time.

Administrative expenses

Handle your company’s operating costs with flexibility and complete control.

Easy invoice processing

Process, approve and pay invoices from all of your team members.

Team perks

Manage team perks and other incidental office costs without the need for petty cash.

Subscription management

Control your online spending by managing all subscriptions in one place.

Business travel spending

Scaleable solutions for managing travel spend across your business.

Digital advertising

Control your digital marketing spending across all platforms with smart virtual cards.